Professional Galvanic Regeneration LED Light Facial Mask

This Professional LED mask is not only a low-level light therapy LED facial mask that utilises 3 wavelengths to provide a multitude of skin rejuvenation treatments to the face and neck. It also incorporates the use of galvanic currents to further enhance results and the option of oxygen therapy.

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LED Light Facial Mask Opera LED Face Mask

The LED and Galvanic therapies can be delivered together (sequentially) or as completely separate treatments; giving you even more scope for more treatment variety and a greater return on investment.
it offers LARGER FACIAL COVERAGE than the Deesse Mask with the addition of the side sections.
Deesse mask

Total 192 LEDs
1. Neck:   54
2. Facial: 138
LED light face Mask LED Light Facial Mask

It has 3 LED light modes plus Galvanic Current
MODE 1. Skin Rejuvenation
with LED Photo-Therapy
(1) 630nm red light
(2)  830nm infra-red light

LED light facial mask

1. Skin rejuvenation program:
2. Wrinkle reduction
3. Skin toning, tightening and texturing
4. Fading freckles, skin spots, age spots
5. Skin soothing & healing and sun damages

MODE 2. Acne Treatment
with LED Photo-Therapy
(1) 415nm blue light
(2) 830nm infra-red light

    LED facial mask Benefits
    1. Acne Treatment:

    2. Anti-bacterial treatment
    3. Anti-microbial Treatment
    4. Improve Blood Circulation

    MODE 3. Post Care
    with LED Photo-Therapy
    (1) 415nm blue light
    (2) 630nm red light
    (3) 830nm infra-red light
    Note: It works on rotation- Changes from RED-BLUE-PURPLE

      LED mask

      1. Anti-inflammatory:

      2. Post botox, fillers.
      3. Post laser
      4. Wound Healing
      5. Improvement blood circulation
      6. Skin rejuvenation and Acne care

      MODE 4. Galvanic Current
      Better used with skin-care products (the serums, eye gel and moisturiser..), or hydrogel masks (we DON'T offer)
      1. Creates a current to open pores and allow nutrients to be absorbed either from the hydrogel mask 2. The positive charge attracts and breaks up negatively charged toxins & impurities

      You could:
      Apply a thick layer of conductive gel before you use it
      After 10 minutes of galvanic remove the gel (continue with 10 more minutes of LED)

      If you need the OXYGEN MACHINE connected to oxygen tube of mask, just click HERE.


      1. Am I a candidate for LED ligth therapy?
      Light therapy is not for everyone.

      • Specific medications or conditions can cause a person to develop sensitivity to light or seizure. 
      • Herbs and over the counter medications such as psoralen and St. John’s Wort can also cause sensitivity to light.

      So, It's best to check with your doctor before you try it.

      You are not a candidate if you have had any of the following conditions:

      • Epilepsy
      • Pregnant
      • Breast Feeding
      • Currently on photosensitive drugs.
      • Currently taking Cortisone injections or any other kind of steroid injection(s)

      LED light therapy is suitable for those who wish to:

      • Minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet
      • Eliminate blemishes and minimize pores
      • Improve the appearance of skin tone and texture
      • Restore the skin’s natural collagen production
      • Reduce melanin that causes brown spots
      • Reduce skin redness, scarring and dry patches caused by eczema

      2. Can I use acne products with my LED mask?
      Yes. Your results will definitely be faster if you use a high quality topical acne product. An acne product should not be used prior to using your LED mask, but can be applied afterward.

      3. Can I use skin care products in conjunction with my LED mask?
      Yes. Light therapy actually increases the uptake and effectiveness of your high quality skin care products. Your results will happen faster if used with them.

        4. How often can I use my LED mask? And how long will it take to see results?
        For the LED facial mask, select the color according to the condition you want to treat. You can use it 20~25 minutes sessions once a day, or 3~ 4 times a week. It depends on your age and current skin conditions.

        Most people will see initial results in 4 ~8 weeks; many notice results in as short as 1 ~ 3 weeks; and a few people will take as long as 9 ~ 11 weeks.


        1) LED light technology works, it’s just a matter of “How long will it take”. Everything takes time.

        2) Even the most advanced system will not work if you aren’t persistent, and this is no exception. If you don’t follow the directions and keep up with your treatments, you will not see the intended results and it may be easy to get discouraged. However, with the right effort, this mask will give you everything you need for beautiful skin through light therapy.

        LED Light Treatment

        The clinical benefits of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) treatment, often known as Low-Level Light-Therapy (LLLT), have been known for decades.

        This profession face mask emits a precise combination of LED light wavelengths, designed to provide optimum treatment. All the LED modes utilise Infra-Red light (830nm) in combination with visible light of selectable wavelength

        The 830nm infra-Red light is invisible to the naked eye, but will penetrate deeper than other colours in the spectrum, leading to increased blood flow. The increasing blood flow brings elevated levels of oxygen and nutrients to the face and neck whilst helping remove waste products, and has effects such as:
        1. Combating the signs of ageing
        2. Nourishing the dermal and deeper lying epidermal cells epidermal cells
        3. Speeding up the healing process

        In addition to the Infra-Red 830nm wavelength light emission, the OPERA can be programmed to emit either a Red light of 630nm wavelength, a blue light of 415nm, or a combination of the two - a purple light of 415nm and 630nm wavelength.

        1. 630nm red light is clearly visible to the naked eye and reaches deep into the skin layers. It causes a rejuvenation effect by stimulating collagen production, promoting cellular repair and increasing circulation; making the skin look more youthful.
        2. 415nm blue light is also visible to the naked eye and is proven to have anti-bacterial properties. These properties result in the destruction of bacteria such as those causing acne. The blue light also helps purify the skin, stabilise oil secreting glands and calm inflammation.
        3. Combining the two visible lights with the Infra-red allows treatment of complex skin conditions. (415nm and 630nm) The mask operates at both wavelengths and then combines the two wavelengths for visible purple light. This purple light combines the properties of both the blue and the red light meaning a combined Acne and skin rejuvenation program.

        Galvanic Treatment

        The Galvanic currents treatment works to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the face, act as a cleanser for the skin and helps remove impurities.

        An integral aspect of the Galvanic current treatment is the application of a unique Hydrogel mask (we DON'T offer) to the face. This transparent mask supports a combination of water-based, natural ingredients, which are absorbed into the skin under the influence of the galvanic therapy’s small electric current which helps to open the pores of the skin allowing the ingredients to pass through the skin's barrier into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

        The Hydrogel mask can also be used as part of the clients daily routine as even without the Galvanic current the natural ingredients will be absorbed leaving the skin feeling nourished and fresh. Obviously the addition of the Galvanic current aids this process speeding up and emphasising the results.

        The Galvanic current works in 2 clear ways:

        1. Deep cleansing
        This mask and the Hydrogel mask are positively charged in use. The positive charge attracts and breaks up negatively charged toxins and impurities. These toxins and impurities would otherwise block glands and by removing them the face is left clean and nourished. The impurities and toxins are removed by the body’s own immune systems and by cleansing the face after treatment.

        2. Nourishing
        Since both the Galvanic current and the Hydrogel mask are positively charged, the resultant electrochemical process results in the Galvanic current forcing the water and natural ingredients of the mask into the skin. The therapy helps more of the ingredients pass through the skin's barrier and penetrate deeper than would otherwise be the case, leading to wrinkle reduction and plumping and nourishment of the skin.

        In addition, the Galvanic therapy’s minute electrical currents cause rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the facial muscles, increasing elasticity of the skin and slowing down wrinkles formation.

        In summary Galvanic treatments benefits are:

        • Skin nourishment
        • Skin cleansing
        • Toning of facial muscles, decreasing wrinkles
        • Restoration of sun-damaged skin
        • In conjunction with the LED treatment the results are obviously further enhanced

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