2 In 1 Electronic Foot Callus Remover Pedicure Manicure Kit

Packing List
1 * Tool
1 * Coarse abrasive roller
1 * Fine abrasive roller
1 * Massage roller
1 * Manicure fixed roller
1 * Manicerw accessories
1 * USB cable 
1 * PU bag
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Pedicure Kit

Day by day, the soles of your feet become extremely thickened, and uncomfortable. Further, the rounded section of the bottom of the foot attached to the big toe has frequent callous build-up, which causes discomfort, and it quite unsightly. Simple to use and fast results, especially effect on the soles of your feet and the outer edge of your big toe.

This device promises to be a beauty care accessory you will find irreplaceable. It treats sore calluses, and removes hard and dead skin on the feet for women and men. It's also a complete manicure device for shaping, polishing and exfoliating! All that in a small, versatile device you can fit in your carry bag!
Electronic Foot Callus Remover
Complete Care Accessories
Manicure Kit
Our device comes with a set of rollers, each suited for a different task. Use the coarse dermabrasion roller for hard calluses. Use the massage roller for a relaxing massage using your body cream. Use the manicure roller and the manicure accessories for complete nail care. All that, in two speed modes so you can better fine-tune the effect you want!
Easy To Use
Attaching and removing the rollers from the device is a breeze. Fit the rollers in two simple moves and press a key to remove it.
Our device is charged using with a USB cable at any USB compatible socket. It takes 2.5 hours to charge for a full 4-5 hours of continuous use!
Pedicure Kit
Safe And Effective
The roller heads of the device use corundum sand and carborundum sand for our patented callus removal method with excellent results. Its ergonomic design is also patented and makes sure you can use the device with a secure grip and no effort.
Make sure you use the correct rollers for your case so you can have the best experience.

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