3D Solar Energy Microcurrent Skin Lifting Body Shaping Massage Device

- Lift, tone and tighten skin
- Muscle relaxing
- Body contouring
- Sagging treatment
- Increases blood circulation
Improves lymphatic drainage
- Speeds up metabolism
- Reduces water retention
- Relieves fatigue and tiredness
Roller Shape- Octagonal Rollers

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Look and feel beautiful from head to toe
It is designed to deliver a massage focused on rolling and lifting sensations. Its unique V-shaped rollers mimic the shape and feel of your Aesthetician’s well-practiced hands and allow you to this type of treatment in the comfort of your own home or whenever you might find yourself needing to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate your skin.

It works on your body such as:

Upper arm

You can still enjoy its signature rolling massage on any part of your body including your face, neck, and arms. And it is totally portable, waterproof and can go with you anywhere.

What The Massager Can Do For You
The dual octagonal rollers smoothly glide over contours to provide your face or body with a stimulation massage. This treatment helps stimulate blood flow and improve circulation. You can easily achieve refreshed, rejuvenated, and beautiful looking skin!

massage at home

These key features below provide unique rolling and lifting massage experience to help you lift, tone, and refresh your skin.

1. The V-shaped rollers replicate the 131.8 de gree angle at which Aestheticians place their hands to deliver the most effective treatments.
2. Octagonal rollers glide smoothly across your skin delivering an outstanding massage.
3. Teardrop handle is part of its unique ergonomic design and allows you to control your massage intensity.
4. Current-carrying bearings were developed using conductive nano-particles to transfer microcurrent to your skin.
5. Waterproof design lets you enjoy your massager almost anywhere.

How To Use
It can be used all over your body and face everyday to see maximum results.
Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your massager:

face lift1. Get familiar with your face and body shape. Roll the massager along your natural contours applying as much or as little pressure as you like.
2. We recommend rolling the massager several times in the same direction over any area and then roll in the opposite direction.
3. To start your treatment, begin at the base of your shoulder and gently roll the massager up and down the side of your neck.
4. Then move to the back of the neck and trapezius several times in a rhythmic motion.
5. Move to the front of your neck and gently roll up and down several times.
6. Then continue your treatment either on your face or body or both.
Refa for body
Please Remember
Because this massage depends on sunlight or indoor light to create microcurrent, make sure you don't cover up the solar panel on the handle while you're using it.

Also, if you're using on someone else, it's important to place your free hand directly on their skin. This completes the circuit and allows the microcurrent to flow into their skin and not be absorbed by your body.

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