RF With LED Light Skin Tightening Anti-Aging Device


  • ACNE Care
  • Waste Removal 
  • Special Eye Care 
  • Scar Mitigation
  • Skin Regeneration
  • Anti-Wrinkle & Skin Lifting
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    Make your beauty amazingly with rechargeable batteries anywhere
    Collagen creation and skin care from the deep heating system
    Rejuvenation and lifting effects by using only 10 minutes a day


    RF Skin TighteningComponents

      • Adaptor
      • Pouch 
      • RF Device
      • USB cable
      • User Manual

      • 1. Polars  2. LED Lamp(BLUE/RED)  3. Body

        4. RF Button

        • Once : Normal Care(Green)
        • Twice : Intensive Care(Red) 
        • Three times : OFF
        5. LED Color Therapy Button

        • Once : BLUE  
        • Twice : RED 
        • Three times : OFF
        6. RF Indicator 7. USB port / Power Adaptor 8. Cap

        1. Output Frequency 1MHz   2.Input Voltage DC5V 1.0A   3. Power Consumption 15W


        RF-system delivers a special radio frequency band deep into human body, which reverts into bio-energy with deep heat. It will increase self-healing power resistance. Without electrical stimulation, the deep heat will help you with health care in varied range such as for skin, obesity, blood circulation, elimination of toxin, prevent hair loss etc. This TopBeautyBuy device is wireless and radio frequency device of RET type. RET Type (Resistive Electric Transfer) Active electronic energy generates the deep heat from central tissue. Accelerated electronic between isolated electrodes and current carrying plate generates deep heat. Effective for deep topical areas.

    RF treatment
    Performance property

    1MHz special frequency is made by the voltage of main system. Applying an electric current by contacting fixed plate flows with cream for good at electric current. The body heat occurs by electrical energy and human resistance. 42 degrees human heat energy flow inner part to external part by emitting.

          • HOW TO USE
    RF with LED device

        • RF Care

    1. Apply cream evenly around your face.
    2. Press the RF button once to start. The moderate level of warmth is suitable for the beginning.
    3. For more intensive care, press the RF button once more.
    4. Pressing the RF button three times will OFF the device.

    LED Light Therapy

    Acne Care

    During the RF Care, press the LED Light Therapy button once. Blue lamp will appear to acne care.

    Rejuvenation Care
    Press the LED Light Therapy button twice. The red lamp will appear to rejuvenation care.

    Press the LED Light Therapy button three times to turn off the light therapy mode.
    After use, wipe the device with a wet towel and then wipe with a dry one. Keep in dry condition.

    It automatically turns OFF after 10 minutes with automatic timer function.
    If you want more treatment, please run again from the beginning


    How to Care : Neck → Jaw → Cheeks → Mouth → Nose → Forehead
    STEP 01 Neck (2~3 minutes)
    • Massage downward along the neck line.
    • Use sweeping movements, lifting up the middle of neck.

    STEP 02 Jaw (2~3 minutes)
    • Massage, in circling movements, lifting up from chin to under the earlobe.

    STEP 03 Cheek, Mouth, Nose (2~3 minutes)
    • Massage, in circling movements, lifting up at the edge of mouth to center of ear
    • Massage, in circling movements, lifting up at the nostrils to temples
    • Rub in circle around from the mid-jaw through the edge of mouth to the philtrum
    • Focus around nostrils, up and down movements from the top of the bridge of the nose down towards the nostrils

    STEP 04 Eye & Forehead (2~3 minutes)
    • With circling movement, massage around the eye sockets and out to the temples
    • Massage temples upward gently
    • Massage inside edge of eyebrows pulling outwards, applying gentle pressure
    • Massage up and down at the center of forehead

    • Please read user’s manual thoroughly before use.
    • This device should be kept out of the reach of children
    • Use after fully charged.( Do not use while the device is being charged).
    • Use the specified adapter only.
    • Excessive use at high temperature can cause burns.
    • Do not use this device with electric equipment together such as electric blanket or any product including coils.
    • Remove all metal accessories from your body such as ring, watch, bracelet, earrings.
    • Environment with high humidity or moisture such as bathing can damage the device.
    • Do not use with other electrical device at the same time.
    • Do not cleanse

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